The John Lamb Hill Oldridge process

We manage the entire process ensuring it is as simple as possible for our clients while securing the best terms for them.

At John Lamb Hill Oldridge we understand that every client is an individual with different needs and circumstances. All of our clients embark on a bespoke journey with us.



We explore protection solutions with our client and their advisers free of charge and with no obligation. Our highly experienced advisers share their knowledge, insights and where they see potential options for the client and what the cover is likely to cost.



To place cover successfully we determine the level of underwriting required, to do so, each client will has a strictly confidential, no obligation conversation with our in-house underwriter.



Depending on the level of cover, we usually require a medical examination and a doctor’s report. All medical examinations are discreet and organised at a time and place of the client’s choosing at no cost to the client.



We may require financial information such as Inheritance Tax computations or details on outstanding debt. We would normally work with a client’s other professional advisers to obtain such information.



Once all the relevant underwriting information has been gathered, we package the information in an appropriate format for underwriters and present it to the most appropriate insurer. We negotiate on the client’s behalf with insurers and reinsurers, challenging decisions as appropriate.


Final terms and application

Final terms and premiums are sent to the client for approval before proceeding.


On Risk

The policy is placed ‘on risk’ and all relevant policy documentation is sent to the client.


Writing in to Trust

Where appropriate, working alongside other professional advisers, we ensure that the policy is either written in or assigned in to trust to maximise tax efficiency.

The standard process and the John Lamb Hill Oldridge process


1. Engage with client

2. Apply to cheapest insurer

3. Complete the insurers medical

4. Receive terms

5. Repeat process if terms are not suitable

6. Place policy on risk

John Lamb Hill Oldridge

1. Discuss needs and identify solutions for client

2. Conversation with our in-house underwriter

3. Private insurance medical

4. Broker access the whole market

5. Secure best terms

6. Submit application

7. Place policy on risk

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