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Published On: 15 December 2020

Christmas and New Year are always a period of reflection and never more so as we say goodbye to 2020.

Whilst there have been unimaginable challenges both on professional and personal levels, there have also been many highlights for The John Lamb Hill Oldridge Team: in particular we are delighted to have successfully merged with the Hill Oldridge Team, cementing our position as the UK’s foremost specialist protection adviser.

In March I wrote in an email to the John Lamb team;

‘This coming week and the weeks ahead will be challenging.  Although this event is unlike any other, this is not the first time we have navigated a large, unpredictable market situation and we will meet this challenge together and will continue to be there, as we always have, for our clients.’

This remains as true now as it was then.

On behalf of The John Lamb Hill Oldridge Team we wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy and safe New Year and much look forward to sharing with you the opportunities that 2021 will bring.

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