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Arranging maintenance cover for a divorced client

  • A 52-year-old divorced male with two children from his previous marriage
  • He is a UK resident
  • Maintenance payments to a sum of £9,250 per month
  • Recommendation for a family income benefit policy on a single-life basis.

Client’s circumstances

A male client, who was a UK resident and has two children. He’s a non-smoker with some health issues.

Issues addressed

As part of his divorce agreement, the client agreed to maintenance payments of £9,250 per month to provide the following for the next 13 years (until his youngest child finished education):

  • £4,250 per month to his ex-wife
  • £3,000 per month toward mortgage payments
  • £2,000 per month for children’s school fees

Financially, there’s a lot on his shoulders. He wanted to ensure that, if he were to die unexpectedly, his children and ex-wife would be cared for and there would be no claim against his estate in the event of death.

Tailored solution provided by John Lamb Hill Oldridge

We recommended a family income benefit policy on a single-life basis, with a monthly premium of £115. This would give him the peace of mind that his ex-wife and children would receive regular financial support at the same level as the maintenance payments, should anything happen.

This case shows how a family income benefit policy can be an effective solution for divorced clients who are making regular maintenance payments.